Update to the Latest IGX BMC Release

BMC User Guide (Latest Version)

The latest IGX BMC release contains new features, such as the BMC Web User Interface.

If your BMC is running developer preview firmware, you must update your BMC image by using the command line. After you update to the latest release image, you can update in the future by using the BMC Web User Interface.

Use the following procedure to get the latest BMC firmware.

  1. Download the file bmc_fw_R36.x.x_aarch64.tbz2 to an Ubuntu Linux host from the IGX Download Center.

  2. On the host computer, extract the downloaded BMC firmware.


    sudo tar xvjf bmc_fw_R36.x.x_aarch64.tbz2

    The BMC source can be found at bmc/src/IGX_OpenBmc_src_rel.tbz2.

  3. Follow the instructions in BMC firmware update to update your firmware.

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