IGX-SW 1.0 Production Release

NVIDIA IGX Orin Developer Kit User Guide (Latest)

IGX-SW 1.0 Production Release is the production quality, enterprise level IGX-SW stack. This release is supported by NVIDIA AI Enterprise - IGX PB23H2 branch. For new features, known issues, and other details, see the IGX-SW 1.0 Release Notes.

The following are the components and their versions:

  • IGX OS — 1.0.3

    • Ubuntu — 22.04

    • Kernel — 5.15

  • iGPU

    • Cuda — 12.2 U2

    • TensorRT — 8.6.2

    • cuDNN — 8.9.4

    • DLA — 3.14.1

  • dGPU

    • Cuda — 12.2 U2

    • TensorRT — 8.6.2

    • cuDNN — 8.9.4

    • Driver — R535

When you migrate your IGX Orin device from the IGX-SW 1.0 Developer Preview or Holopack release to version IGX-SW 1.0 Production Release, you must first update your firmware by following the order described in Firmware Updates.

There are incompatible changes in the bootloaders, BMC, MCU and CX7 chipset that require this update. If you don’t update the firmware, you can’t properly install and run the new version of IGX-SW.

After you install the BMC firmware update, use the BMC Web UI to install other firmware as described.

If previously done, the VBIOS does not need to be updated on RTX A6000 and RTX 6000 Ada dGPUs. This release also adds the option of resizing BAR1 address range of your dGPU for improved performance in certain compute scenarios as described in Resizing BAR1 address range.

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