IGX-SW 1.0 Developer Preview Release Notes

NVIDIA IGX Orin Developer Kit User Guide (Latest)

These are the release notes for the IGX-SW 1.0 Developer Preview.

These release notes support both the IGX Developer Kit and the IGX Board Kit. You can find the version of your IGX Developer Kit (TS3, QS2, or CR) on the sticker on the developer kit, or laser etched on the bottom.

  • IGX Developer Kit Support

    • IGX Baseboard (P3740) C01 — Dev Kit (P3840) Hardware Version QS2, CR

    • IGX Baseboard (P3740) C00 — Dev Kit (P3840) Hardware Version TS3

  • IGX Orin Board Kit Support

    • IGX Baseboard (P3740) C01 — Hardware Version CR

Use these release notes to find information about the following:

The following table shows the current version information of the software packages provided in the NVIDIA and Ubuntu repositories for the NVIDIA IGX Software Stack.



Additional Information

CUDA Toolkit and GPU Driver

dGPU driver: R535
TRD5 version 535.129.03


iGPU 12.2.12 RC5
dGPU 12.2..2 RC9





IGX OS IGX OS 0.7.0 (Components specified in the table following)
UEFI Firmware 36.1.0-gcid-34862486 date 2023-11-16T21:00:16+00 Refer to the Quick Start Guide How to check Firmware versions
BMC Firmware IGXOrinBMC-23.11-02-v1.0 GA Release Refer to the Quick Start Guide How to check Firmware versions
MCU Firmware C00/C01 20-Oct-2023 Refer to the Quick Start Guide How to check Firmware versions
ISO IGX-OS-r36v0.7.0-2023-12-06-11-29-34.iso
IGX OS v0.7.0 Components Details:



Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
BSP 36.1.0
Kernel linux-nvidia-tegra-igx 5.15.0-1006.6
Kernel OOTM Kernel out-of-tree modules
dGPU Driver R535.TRD5, version 535.129.03
Inbox OFED 39.0-1
ISO IGX-OS-r36v0.7.0-2023-12-06-11-29-34.iso
ISO MD5 Checksum 0cc4446403dba0c2095694abf2a2002e

Base OS:

  • Canonical signed Kernel 5.15.1006 .

  • The BaseOS.ISO image can be installed from:

  • USB stick

  • Network

  • Installation can be done to the below:

  • NVMe SSD


  • EROT and non-erot based BMC.

  • EROT FW update support

  • Flashing IGX firmware, including QSPI, MCU, CX7, and BaseOS

  • Remote Console and Web Access

  • Reset, Power cycle

  • Power status reporting

  • FRU information reporting

  • Selection of boot media with Virtual Media Support

  • IPMI

  • BMC root password will be preserved after the FW update

  • User webpage support with WebUI

  • Virtual USB Media Support

  • Factory reset.

  • DHCP + Static IP support from the first login: DHCP is enabled after boot as default, static IP will be used only after DHCP timeout.

Base OS:

  • Without any operation for a few hours the OS will lose internet connection.

  • DNS is abnormal. Execute command sudo systemctl restart systemd-resolved.

  • Http Boot is not working yet.

  • Peoplenet V2.6 fails to compile layers on DLA

  • Ethernet adaptor interface switches after reboot/power cycle

  • Ethernet failure: eth0 pci link is down

  • Rebooting the IGX and disabling WiFi can solve this issue.

  • Unable to connect to Wi-Fi Hotspot.

  • Unable to connect to AP when Access Point’s channel is changed from router

  • GPIO support is not enabled


  • BMC Web UI: BMC FW update only supports BMC with EROT.

  • BMC Web UI: Not all features are working.

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