IGX-SW 1.0 Release Notes

NVIDIA IGX Orin Developer Kit User Guide (Latest)

These are the release notes for the IGX-SW 1.0 Production Release. This release is recommended for production purposes.

These release notes support both the IGX Developer Kit and the IGX Board Kit. You can find the version of your IGX Developer Kit (TS3, QS2, or CR) on the sticker on the developer kit, or laser etched on the bottom.

  • IGX Developer Kit Support

    • IGX Baseboard (P3740) C01 — Dev Kit (P3840) Hardware Version QS2, CR

    • IGX Baseboard (P3740) C00 — Dev Kit (P3840) Hardware Version TS3

  • IGX Orin Board Kit Support

    • IGX Baseboard (P3740) C01 — Hardware Version CR

Use these release notes to find information about the following:

The following table shows the current version information of the software packages provided in the NVIDIA and Ubuntu repositories for the NVIDIA IGX Software Stack.



Additional Information

CUDA Toolkit and GPU Driver

dGPU driver: R535
TRD5 version 535.171.04


iGPU 12.2.12 RC5
dGPU 12.2.2 RC9





IGX OS IGX OS 1.0.3 (Components specified in the table following)
UEFI Firmware 36.3.1-gcid-36302503 built on 2024-05-17T04:47:03+00:00 Refer to the Quick Start Guide How to check Firmware versions
BMC Firmware IGXOrinBMC-24.04-11-v3.2 GA Release Refer to the Quick Start Guide How to check Firmware versions
MCU Firmware C01 1.50.14 Refer to the Quick Start Guide How to check Firmware versions
ISO IGX-r36v1.0.3-2024-05-17-15-34-37.iso
IGX OS v1.0.3 Components Details



Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
BSP 36.3.1
Kernel linux-nvidia-tegra-igx 5.15.0-1012
Kernel OOTM Kernel out-of-tree modules
dGPU Driver R535.TRD5, version 535.171.04
MOFED 23.10-5.15.0
ISO IGX-r36v1.0.3-2024-05-17-15-34-37.iso
ISO MD5 Checksum b91a02b2b84c4466ea35bef0c50d2148

Base OS:

  • Canonical signed Kernel 5.15.1012

  • Support for NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada

  • Resizing BAR1 address range for dGPU

  • PXE BaseOS installation support


  • Flashing IGX firmware, including BMC, QSPI and MCU from the BMC Web UI

  • Redfish API support

Base OS:

  • More than 48 decode streams of h265 videos causes XID errors on RTX A6000.

  • Currently, System Deep Sleep(SC7) is not supported due to known software issues.

  • Resuming from S3 suspend might cause FPS drop on OGL applications with dGPUs.

  • If BaseOS was previously installed on the NVMe and gets installed on eMMC as well, two identical UEFI Boot Manager entries are present.

  • The Realtek 8168 driver does not work when the kernel command line option ‘pcie_bus_perf’ is specified. The Ethernet interface no longer gets an IP address.

  • Some Vulkan features are not supported on dGPU.

  • When disconnecting and/or reconnecting Ethernet cables the Network Manager might delay notifications for these events by several minutes.

  • When installing BaseOS for iGPU, in some cases the installer does not automatically reboot the system after finshing the installation. A manual restart must be initiated.

  • dGPU ECC mode does not persist after reboot.

  • Currently, secure Boot on Tegra is not supported.

  • HTTP boot for PXE is not functional.


  • Configuring the IP address through the Web UI is not reliably functional. It might leave your BMC unreachable. Do not use at this point and use the ipmitool instead.

  • The Web UI Server Power Operations orderly function not reliably functional. Use the BMC commandline instead.

  • The Web UI MCU firmware version information not available.

  • The Web UI allows flashing the QSPI package even though Tegra is not powered on. This does not work.

  • The Web UI does not properly flash the CX7 firmware. An alternative method should be used.

  • The BMC cannot change the boot order of UEFI through ipmitool.

  • Refresh notification does not refresh the Web UI after FW updates.

  • Some flashing and error notifications in the Web UI are not accurate. The flashing of QSPI and MCU might take longer than the notification suggests.

  • If the power is disconnected during an BMC FW update, the BMC is left in an unrecoverable state.

  • EROT BMC FW rollback protection has not been activated. It is possible to roll-back to older FW versions.


  • Tj temperature warning is set to 70C resulting in potentially higher temperatures to the touch of the device. This affects safety systems mostly because all clocks are set to the fixed maximum setting. This might already happen during/after boot.

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