Using the BMC

NVIDIA IGX Orin Developer Kit User Guide (Latest)

The Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) provides remote management capabilities. You can perform monitoring and management tasks securely and out of band. These include controlling system power, updating firmware, and gathering telemetry. For details about using the BMC, see IGX BMC User Guide.

Putting the system into recovery mode is only necessary when you re-flashing the system.

  1. Access the BMC by using SSH. For details, see BMC Quickstart.

  2. Put the IGX Orin Developer Kit into recovery mode by powerctrl recovery.


    root@mgx-3809:~# powerctrl recovery Host Power Control Host Recovery… Resetting Host… root@mgx-3809:~#

  3. Confirm the IGX Orin Developer Kit is in recovery mode by running lsusb on the re-flash host:


    $ lsusb | grep NVIDIA Bus 003 Device 003: ID 0955:7023 NVIDIA Corp. APX

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