System Overview

The NVIDIA IGX Orin Developer Kit contains the following major components:

  • NVIDIA IGX Orin Industrial Module

    • ARM A78AE CPU Complex

    • NVIDIA Ampere iGPU

  • NVIDIA BMC Module

  • NVIDIA ConnectX-7

    • 32 lanes of up to PCIe Gen5 w/ integrated PCIe Switch

    • 2x QSFP28 100GbE Ethernet

  • Safety MCU

  • 500GB SSD

  • Realtek WiFi / BT Module

  • Optional Discrete GPU
    • NVIDIA RTX A6000 dGPU

    • NVIDIA RTX 6000 ADA dGPU (currently not supported in IGX-SW 1.0 Developer Preview release)


Figure 3.1 Developer Kit Components

Please refer to the IGX Orin Developer Kit product brief for technical specifications.


Figure 3 2. Developer Kit Front View

The numbered labels on the front panel correspond to the following:

  1. Power button


Figure 3 3. Developer Kit Back Panel

The numbered labels on the back panel correspond to the following:

  1. Power switch

  2. Power cable connection

  3. 1GbE RJ45 with connection to the Orin CCPLEX

  4. 1GbE RJ45 with connection to the Orin CCPLEX and BMC

  5. (4x) USB 3.2 Gen2 Type A

  6. HDMI-Input

  7. DisplayPort output from the Orin module.

  8. USB 3.2 Gen2 Type C connector

  9. (2x) QSFP28 ports (up to 100GbE per port)

  10. Line-Out

  11. MIC

  12. PCIe Gen5 single width slots (x8 connected)

  13. PCIe Gen5 double width slot (x16 connected)

    a. The (4x) DisplayPorts depicted in the diagram will be present only when the optional NVIDIA RTX A6000 was ordered from a distributor.

See Section Physical Installation of Additional Optional Cards for steps on how to remove the cover and access slot 13.

Observe the following precautions:

  • Only connect or disconnect a PCIe card (e.g., miniSAS or dGPU) when the system is powered down.

  • Apply extra care when plugging and removing PCIe cards to avoid stress, such as wearing, bending, or breaking, on the PCIe connectors.

Follow these instructions to install additional PCIe cards:

  1. Remove the cover as shown in Figure 3‑4. Remove the three screws on the right side when facing the back panel.


    Figure 3 4. Cover Removal – Step 1

  2. Next, remove the cover the direction of A and B, as illustrated in Figure 3‑5. The movement in the direction of A should be around 0.5 inch, or less than 1.5 cm.


    Figure 3 5. Cover Removal – Step 2

  3. Once the cover is removed, remove the screws on top of slot 13 before installing the card in the PCIe slot-13. The IO from the PCIe card can now be accessed from the developer kit back panel.


NVIDIA IGX Orin Developer Kit dGPU Installation Guidelines (DA-11330-001) on the NVIDIA Product information database describes the chassis panel removal process in detail.

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