BMC Web User Interface Features

Connect BMC WebUI over https, like the following:


BMC_IP= https://<BMC_IP>/. Username: root Password: <BMC password>

The below window will open.


Click on the SOL console icon, and the below window will open.


  1. Click on Firmware Information > View more.


  2. Add the file igx-bmc-apfw.fwpkg from your Windows system.

  3. Click on Start update.

  4. After you get the firmware update complete notification, click on Operations then click on Reboot BMC.


  1. Click on Operations then click on Server Power Operations.


  2. This will show the current power status of Orin.

    If the status is On then you can perform either Reboot or Shutdown.


    If the status is Off, you can use Power on to bring Orin back online.


Go to Operations->Factory reset->Reset BMC and server settings

Go to Overview -> System information.

From here, you can get details on any of the following:

  • Server information: Model, Manufacturer, Serial number

  • Network information: IP link status, Mac addresses, etc.

  • Firmware information: BMC Firmware version

To read the BMC module temperature, go to Hardware status -> Sensors.

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