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Each DPU has a different identifier printed on the label: serial number and the card MAC for the Ethernet protocol.

The product revisions indicated on the labels in the following figures do not necessarily represent the latest revisions of the cards.

BlueField-2 DPU labels contain four MAC addresses (Host, OOB, ECPF and MPF).

  • Host (Base MAC)
  • OOB: Out-of-Band Management (Management Port) 
  • ECPF: Embedded CPU Function (the embedded Arm system controls the NIC resources and datapath)
  • MPF: Multi/Management Physical Function

The barcode supports all of the available MAC addresses.

The HOST MAC in the below board label is the product's base MAC.
In dual-port cards, the HOST MAC belongs to the first port, and the HOST MAC of the second port increases by 1 (in HEX).
For example: 
The HOST MAC address of the second port is HOST: 00 02 C9 27 05 01.

The allocation of MAC addresses to the embedded CPU are derived from a few configuration factors which set some variables.
The gap between the MAC addresses is set by constant numbers in HEX. 
The OOB, ECPF, and MPF MAC addresses depend on the BASE MAC address.

BlueField-2 DPU Board Label (Example)