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2.3May. 2023Updated Cable Installation and Management GuidelinesA. Elbash
2.2Feb. 2023NV Link section added, qualification section updated, UPC vs APC section updated, minor updates.F. Kraemer
2.1Dec. 2021Intro, transceiver overview, and product weight updated. F. Kraemer
2.0Sep. 2021Added new part numbers, minor updates and bug fixes.F. Kraemer


Aug. 2020

Fixed a mistake in table 2.

F. Kraemer


Jun. 2020

Updated Section 1.4 w bug fixes + new transceivers added. Added section 1.4.1 about UPC vs APC connectors.

F. Kraemer

1.7Mar. 2020Document made available on docs.mellanox.comA. Elbash


Aug. 2019

50/200/400G/HDR cables and transceiver section updated;

Transceiver pictures updated;

QSFP-to-SFP (QSA) adapter added;

Minor text updates to all sections, more Q/A’s added;

CMIS reference added.

B. Smith/   F. Kraemer


Apr. 09, 2019

Section 1.7 on BER testing updated.

50/200/400/HDR cables and transceiver generation added.

Examples of new 200/400G Ethernet standards added.

Mellanox part numbers for passive optical cables removed.

Explanation on use of splitter cables added.

Power class definitions added for optical cables/transceivers.

F. Kraemer


Mar. 11, 2019

A new section with patch cable info added.
Mechanical specifications in the FAQ updated. 

F. Kraemer


Jan. 28, 2018

Updated: Table 1 – Cable/Transceiver Form Factors and Connector Definitions, page 8

New section: ‎2.1 Unpacking and Handling

F. Kraemer


Nov. 12, 2017

New format.
Introduction added.
All sections updated.

F. Kraemer
B. Smith


Sep. 20, 2016

Added Figure 15 – Do not Kink Cables while Packing and Unpacking


Aug. 16, 2016

Preliminary version