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About this Manual

This manual provides an overview of the Switch-IB™/Switch-IB™ 2 series based InfiniBand CS7500 director switch and guidelines for its operation.

Intended Audience

This manual is intended for users and system administrators responsible for installing and setting up the chassis platform. The manual assumes familiarity with the InfiniBand® architecture specification.

Related Documentation

The documentation set accompanying the QSFP28 Chassis InfiniBand Switch platform includes the following:

Document NameDescription

InfiniBand Architecture Specification, Vol. 1, Release 1.2.1

The InfiniBand Architecture Specification that is provided by IBTA

Switch Product Release Notes

For possible hardware issues see the switch support product page. This requires a customer support login. Look up the relevant Switch-IB™ based switch system/series release note file.

MLNX-OS® User Manual for VPI

This document contains information regarding configuring and managing Mellanox Technologies Switch-IB™ switch platforms listing all of the commands available through MLNX-OS with explanations and examples.

Dismantling Procedures

Dismantling user guides for Mellanox Technologies products organized by product category at

Mellanox Part Numbering Legend

ACompany nameM - Mellanox Technologies
BBSwitch system typeCS - Chassis
MB - Management Board
SB - Switch-IB™ in leaf or spine module
CData rate7 - EDR InfiniBand
DSystem type5 - Director switch
EENumber of ports00 - 648 ports
10 - 324 ports
20 - 216 ports


Throughout this manual, the name CS7500 and the terms chassis and switch are used to describe the 648-port QSFP28 InfiniBand switch system, unless explicitly indicated otherwise.

Revision History

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