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Switch Specification CS7500

Physical Specifications


49" x 19" x 30" inches

1243.8 mm x 482.6 mm x 761.2 mm

The shelf adds 44.45 mm to the height


19” Rack mount

# of spines


# of leafs



214.6 kg (473.1 lb.) empty configuration (no leafs, spines, or management modules)

369.5 kg (814.6 lb.) full configuration

411.0 kg (906.1 lb.) shipped configuration

Accessory Weight

Rail kit: 11.5 kg (25.4 lb.)

Cable supporter (18 shelves): 10 kg (22.0 lb.)

Cable management: 5 kg (11.0 lb.)

Center of Gravity

CoGh: 595.9 mm (from base of chassis)

CoGw: 241.3 mm (from left side surface as one faces the spine side)

CoGd: 359.19 mm (from spine side surface)

Total Max. Airflow

56.6 M3/min (2000 CFM)

SerDes Speeds

10Gb/s, 20Gb/s, 40Gb/s, 56Gb/s, 100Gb/s per port

Connector Types


Power and Environmental Specifications

Input Voltage

180-240 VAC 50-60 Hz

Total Power Consumption EDR

Typical power with passive cables (ATIS): 6367.1W 

Maximum: 13531W (includes 648 QSFP ports at 3.5W each)

Max Heat Output

46,170 BTUs/hr


Operating: 0° to 40°C

Non-operating: -40° to 70°C


Operating: 10%-85% non-condensing

Protocol Support

Speed Protocol

InfiniBand: Auto-negotiation of 100Gb/s, 56Gb/s,40Gb/s, 20Gb/s, and 10Gb/s


MLNX-OS and baseboard, performance, and device management agents for full InfiniBand in-band management.

Data Rate

Data Rate: 100Gb/s per port


8 InfiniBand virtual lanes for all ports

Regulatory Compliance






For more compliance information please refer to the Mellanox web site at

EMC (Emissions)






For more compliance information please refer to the Mellanox web site at

Scalability and Performance

Switching Performance/Capacity

Switching capacity: 130 Tb/s

Switching performance: Simultaneous wire-speed any port to any port

Addressing: 48K unicast addresses max. per subnet and 15.5K multicast addresses per subnet

Leafs: Up to 18 leafs; 36-ports each

Spines: Up to 18 spine boards. All spines are needed for full bi-sectional configuration.

Management modules: 2 available, 1 required for operation

Management CPU: x86

Power supplies: 10 power supplies standard

Leaf and management module fans: 20

Spine fan modules: 36

EMI Certification

EMI testing on a fully populated chassis has been performed with the chassis installed in a closed two-door rack with a floor plate using the chassis installation kit supplied by Mellanox Technologies.

Approved Cables

For a list of all approved cables please refer to

EMC Certifications

The list of EMC certifications per chassis model type, for different markets in the world, is located on the Mellanox Website at > Boards/Systems > Boards/Systems Certification Matrix.