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Abbreviations and Acronyms



NVIDIA® Firmware tools


Software tools and it is the name of the script that starts/stops the driver used by MFT tools


Extension of the text firmware file which contains all the firmware content


Extension of the firmware configuration file which is in INI format and contains card specific configurations.


Extension of the binary firmware file which is a combination of INI and mlx file


Extension of the a firmware file that contains several binary files of firmware for different cards/boards

4th Generation ICs/
Group I of ICs

Contains the following devices:

  • ConnectX-3
  • ConnectX-3 Pro

5th Generation ICs/
Group II of ICs

Contains the following devices and newer:

  • Connect-IB
  • Switch-IB
  • Switch-IB 2
  • NVIDIA Spectrum
  • NVIDIA Spectrum-2
  • ConnectX-4
  • ConnectX-4 Lx
  • ConnectX-5
  • ConnectX-5 Ex
  • ConnectX-6
  • ConnectX-6 Dx
  • NVIDIA BlueField

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