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The mlxcables tool supports reading cable data directly via i2c when the cable is connected to a dedicated board. The board is connected to the host with an MTUSB adapter.

Examples on a Windows machine:

After adding the cables using 'mst cable add' the following mst status is presented:

mst status
MST devices:
Cable MST devices:

Query the cable: 

mlxcables -d mtusb-1_cable
Querying Cables ....
Cable #1:
Cable name    : mtusb-1_cable
FW version    : 2.0.208
FW Dev ID     : 0x20
FW GW version : Legacy
-------- Cable EEPROM --------
Identifier    : QSFP+ (0dh)
Technology    : 850 nm VCSEL (00h)
Compliance    : 40G Active Cable (XLPPI), 100G AOC (Active Optical Cable) or 25GAUI C2M AOC.
Wavelength    : 850 nm
OUI           : 0x0002c9
Vendor        : Mellanox
Serial number : MT1707FT01544
Part number   : MFA1A00-E001
Revision      : A1
Temperature   : 31 C
Length        : 1 m

Read from a specific address:

mlxcables -d mtusb-1_cable -r -p 0 -o 165 -l 3
Page[0].Byte[165] = 0x00
Page[0].Byte[166] = 0x02
Page[0].Byte[167] = 0xc9