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The mstdump utility dumps device internal configuration registers. The dump file is used by the Support team for hardware troubleshooting purposes. It can be applied on all NVIDIA devices.

For the tool to properly work with Inband devices, both the MFT and the Firmware must be updated to the latest (MFT v4.18.0 & firmware vXX.32.1014). 

If ConnectX-4 adapter card is used as an Inband device, for the tool to work properly, you need to use MFT 4.17.0.  

mstdump Usage

To run mstdump:

# mstdump [-full] <mst device> > <dump file>_FW_VERSION

where the -full flag dumps all internal registers

positional arguments:


The device name

optional arguments:

-h, --help

show help message and exit

-v, -version, --versionshow program's version number and exit
-full, --fullDump more expanded list of addresses
-ignore_fail, --ignore_failContinue dumipng, even if some addresses fails
-c CSV, -csv CSV, --csv CSVDatabase path
--cause address.offsetSpecify address and offset
--i2c_secondary I2C_SECONDARYI2C secondary [0-127]


[root@mymach]# mstdump /dev/mst/mt4099_pci_cr0 > mt4099_12_16_2600.dmp

This dumps the internal configuration data of the device into the mt4099.dmp file.