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The mlxtokengenerator tool allows the user to create Token XML files automatically. The Token XML file will be filled with all the required data. The generated Token XML file is ready to be used for sign and installation commands.

mlxtokengenerator Synopsis

# mlxtokengenerator [Options] <commands>


-d|--dev <device> Performs operation for a specified mst device
-t|–-device_type <Switch/HCA/LinkX>  Mst device type 
-k|--token_type <CS/DBG/CRCS/CRDT/RMCS/RMDT>Token type
-o|--output_file <Path>Path to output Token XML file 
-f|--debug_fw <Path>  

Path to debug fw file

-v|--versionDisplays version info
-h|--help Displays help message
-p|--tokens_dir <Path>    Path to a directory of tokens for aggregation


To create a CS token:

# mlxtokengenerator -d /dev/mst/mt4123_pciconf0 -k CS -t HCA -o /tmp/cs_token.xml generate_token

To create a DBG token:

# mlxtokengenerator -d /dev/mst/mt4123_pciconf0 -k DBG -t HCA -f /tmp/dbg_fw.bin -o /tmp/dbg_token.xml generate_token