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The mlxi2c utility provides a way to route the I2C bus to 4th generation (Group I) switches.

mlxi2c Usage

The mst driver must be started prior to running mlxi2c.

To start mlxi2c:

  1. Start the mst driver (mst start or mst restart). Note: This step in not required in Windows.
  2. Run mlxi2c with the following command line syntax:

    # mlxi2c [switches...] <command> [parameters...]  

Switches Options 

-d <device>

mst i2c device name default: "/dev/mst/mtusb-1" Affected commands: all


Print this help information

-s, --i2c-secondary <address>Change the I2C secondary address.


Print version and exit


p <i2c_component>

Route the i2c path to the indicated i2c component


Scan the i2c slave addresses


Display the addresses of all I2C-accessible devices:

# mlxi2c -d /dev/mst/mtusb-1 scan