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July 31, 20222.0Updated OPNs in:
August 23, 20211.9 Updated Software Management.
March 29, 20201.8Updated Thermal Threshold Definitions.
February 20201.7
  1. Updated I²C under Interfaces.
  2. Added power consumption measuring details in Specifications.
January 20201.6

Added a warning to:

  1. Interfaces under I2C section
  2. Interface Specifications under RJ45 to DB9 Harness Pinout
October 20191.5Global power consumption and noise level expanded in Specifications.
1.4Latency updated in Introduction.
July 20191.3Removed preliminary from top of each page.
June 20191.2Updated system description.
Jan. 20191.1Migrated to online format; minor reorganization.
Nov. 20181.0Initial release.