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August 20222.6Updated OPNs in:
August 20212.5


February 20212.4


January 20212.3Added the SB7880 OPNs to the Ordering Information.
March 20202.2Updated:
February 20202.1 Added a warning under "System Installation and Initialization in “Installation
January 20202.0

Added warnings to:

  1. Interfaces under "I2C/Console (RS232)"
  2. Interfaces Specifications under "RJ-45 CONSOLE and I²C Interface"
Oct. 20191.9Modified latency on Introduction page to indicate 90ns instead of 100ns.
Dec. 2018Migrated to on-line format; minor reorganization.
May 20171.8Updated “Unit Identification LED
Feb. 20171.7

Updated “RJ45 to DB9 Harness Pinout”
Updated “Specifications”

Dec. 20161.6Updated document title
Sept. 20161.5

Added “Noise Level” to “Specifications”

July 20161.4

Added the SB7780 InfiniBand router
Updated LED colors in “Interfaces”
Updated “Specifications”

Mar. 20161.3

Added SB7800 and SB7890
Updated “System Bring-Up of Managed Systems”
Updated “Specifications”

July 20151.2Changed document’s title
June 20151.1

Added: Hebrew safety warnings
• “SB77X0/SB78X0 Front Side View”
• “SB77X0/SB78X0 Specifications”

Apr. 20151.0Initial release