Switch Management Tools

CS7500 648-Port EDR InfiniBand Switch-IB™ Series Switch Platform Hardware User Manual

This chapter describes the management module and tools available for out-of-band management of the switch system via MLNX-OS®.


There are 4 1Gb/s Ethernet ports (2 for each management module) that get connected to Ethernet switches which must be configured to 10/100M auto-negotiation.

The switch system is pre-installed with MLNX-OS® management software. MLNX-OS is installed on all Switch-IB™ and Switch-IB™ 2 based managed switch systems. MLNX-OS includes a CLI, WebUI, SNMP, and XML interfaces which facilitate configuring chassis management features, and InfiniBand management software (OpenSM).

For more information, please refer to the MLNX-OS® User Manual.

The managed switch system includes the following software components:

  • Embedded Subnet Manager (SM)

  • Chassis manager and system BIST

  • SNMP agent, 3rd party tool integration

  • GUI

  • Remote logging

  • SSH/telnet

  • Secured access in-band and out-band

  • IPv4/IPv6 network stack

The chassis manager will give the user access to:

  • Switch temperatures

  • Power supply voltages

  • Fan unit information

  • Power unit information

  • Flash memory

  • Monitoring of:

    • AC power to the PSUs

    • DC power out from the PSUs

    • chassis failures

  • Querying for:

    • Switch serial numbers

    • Revisions

    • Software version

    • Switch-IB™ and Switch-IB™ 2 FW version

    • Switch temperatures

The manager also has the ability to burn new firmware and upgrade software on the switch.

The InfiniBand Subnet Manager (SM) is a centralized entity running in the switch. It discovers and configures all the InfiniBand fabric devices to enable traffic flow between those devices. The SM applies network traffic related configurations such as QoS, routing, partitioning to the fabric devices.

Each InfiniBand subnet needs one SM to discover, activate and manage the subnet. The network requires an SM to be running in either the InfiniBand switch itself (switch based) or on one of the nodes which is connected to the InfiniBand fabric (host based). To learn about SM configuration, please refer to the MLNX-OS® User Manual.

Fabric Inspector is a plug & play software for fee within MLNX-OS® displaying and filtering all identified systems and nodes within the fabric. Fabric Inspector includes a complete set of tools for fabric wide diagnostics to check node-node and node-switch connectivity and to verify routes within the fabric. Advanced filtering allows creating filtering rules on a system wide basis, between nodes or port connections based on traffic patterns and user assigned system names (GUIDs).

For more information please refer to the MLNX-OS® User Manual.

Once the initial configuration is completed the management tools can be accessed through:

  • SSH

  • Telnet

  • WEB

  • SNMP

  • XML

The new software updates are available to the user from the Mellanox Support website. Copy the update to a known location on a remote server within your LAN and follow the steps listed in MLNX-OS® User Manual to perform the software upgrade.


If MLNX-OS is updated and the FW image in the leafs and spines of the chassis is an earlier version from the minimum requirement, then the chassis management system may require up to ~30 minutes to update all of the FW images in all of the leafs and spines.

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