Thermal Threshold Definitions

1U EDR SB7XX0 100Gb_s InfiniBand Switch Systems and IB Router Hardware User Manual

Three thermal threshold definitions are measured by the SwitchIB™ ASICs, and impact the overall switch system operation state as follows:

  • Warning – 105°C: On managed systems only: When the ASIC device crosses the 100°C threshold, a Warning Threshold message will be issued by the management software, indicating to system administration that the ASIC has crossed the Warning threshold. Note that this temperature threshold does not require nor lead to any action by hardware (such as switch shutdown).

  • Critical – 120°C: When the ASIC device crosses this temperature, the switch firmware will automatically shut down the device.

  • Emergency – 130°C: In case the firmware fails to shut down the ASIC device upon crossing its Critical threshold, the device will auto-shutdown upon crossing the Emergency (130°C) threshold.

For thermal threshold definitions in Cumulus Linux, see Configuring Net-SNMP Event Notification Traps in the Cumulus Networks Help Center.

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