NVIDIA AI Enterprise Private Offer

NVIDIA AI Enterprise 3.0 or later

NVIDIA AI Enterprise Private Offers are available through the CSP marketplaces and provide access to NVIDIA AI Enterprise containers, models, resources, and support without the need to bring a separate license. The Private Offers are published to the Market Place as an Enterprise VMI, which includes all of the software required to run NVIDIA AI Enterprise containers. Information on accepting private offers can be found in the each CSP’s documentation:


In order to run NVIDIA AI Workflows, The NVIDIA Cloud Native Stack must be installed on the Enterprise VMI. Instructions for installing the Cloud Native Stack on the Enterprise VMI via an ansible playbook can be found in the NVIDIA AI Workflows Deployment Guides. Further details around installing CNS can be found in the CNS Playbook. To avoid these additional steps, the Cloud Native Stack VMI can also be used but is not currently supported under NVIDIA AI Enterprise. Further information on NVIDIA AI Workflows can be found in the general NVIDIA AI Enterprise Documentation.

The NVIDIA AI Enterprise VMI is a virtual machine image for accelerating your Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science and HPC workloads. Using this VMI, you can spin up a GPU-accelerated Compute Engine VM instance in minutes with a pre-installed Ubuntu OS, GPU driver, Docker and NVIDIA container toolkit.

The Private Offer provides easy access to NVIDIA’s NGC Catalog, a hub for GPU-optimized software, for pulling & running performance-tuned, tested, and NVIDIA certified docker containers. The NGC catalog provides free access to containerized AI, Data Science, and HPC applications, pre-trained models, AI SDKs and other resources to enable data scientists, developers, and researchers to focus on building and deploying solutions. The provided NVIDIA AI Enterprise VMI is preconfigured with the following software:

  • Ubuntu Operating System Certified for NVIDIA AI Enterprise

  • NVIDIA Driver

  • Docker-ce

  • NVIDIA Container Toolkit


  • Miniconda, JupyterLab, Git

A complete list of supported instance types can be found in the NVIDIA AI Enterprise Product Support Matrix.


Private Offer VMIs are identical to the Pay as You Go (On-Demand) VMIs, but have a separate entitlement process. The activation scripts are included in the VMI, but will not function with Private Offers

After accepting a Private Offer, an email with an entitlement certificate will be sent with instructions for accessing the NVIDIA Application Hub and the Enterprise Catalog along with a Private Registry on NGC. The NVIDIA Application Hub provides customers access to the NVIDIA Support Portal for opening cases with NVIDIA.


Access to the NVIDIA License System is not provided for Private Offers and is not required.

The following technical support service levels are available for NVIDIA AI Enterprise customers.

Business Standard Support for NVIDIA AI Enterprise

Customers who have made a term commitment for NVIDIA AI Enterprise via a Private Offer are entitled to full NVIDIA Business Standard Support which includes:

  • Unlimited technical support cases accepted via the web portal and phone 24/7

  • Escalation support during local business hours 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m., Monday–Friday

  • Timely resolution provided by NVIDIA experts and engineers

  • Three years of Long-Term Support

Please refer to the Appendix for pulling and running NGC container images through the NVIDIA NGC Enterprise Catalog.

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