Standard Instances

Cloud Deployment Guide (0.1.0)

NVIDIA AI Enterprise can be used in AWS by leveraging standard instances and building the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software stack on supported Operating systems. NVIDIA AI Enterprise licenses are required to access NVIDIA AI Enterprise containers, models, resources, and support.


One NVIDIA AI Enterprise License is required per Cloud Instance. Details for getting started with the NVIDIA License System can be found in the NVIDIA License System Quick Start Guide. Technical licensing enforcement of cloud instances is required when leveraging the vGPU driver via the client configuration token process. Many cloud instances can leverage the Tesla Related Driver (TRD), which does not have a license enforcement process, but licensing must still be managed and maintain via the NVIDIA Licensing System (NLS).


Please refer the NVIDIA AI Enterprise Supported Cloud Services Product Support Matrix for supported instance types.

After the instance is created, ensure the following are installed prior to pulling and running NVIDIA AI Enterprise containers.

  • Ubuntu Operating System Certified for NVIDIA AI Enterprise

  • NVIDIA Driver

  • Docker-ce

  • NVIDIA Container Toolkit


Please refer to the Appendix for pulling and running NGC container images through the NVIDIA NGC Catalog.

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