Class Executor

Derived Type

class Executor

Base class for all executors.

An Executor that manages the execution of a Fragment on a physical node. The framework provides a default Executor that uses a GXF Scheduler to execute an Application.

Subclassed by holoscan::gxf::GXFExecutor

Public Functions

Executor() = delete

inline explicit Executor(Fragment *fragment)

Construct a new Executor object.


fragment – The pointer to the fragment of the executor.

virtual ~Executor() = default

inline virtual void run(Graph &graph)

Run the graph.

inline Fragment *fragment()

Get a pointer to Fragment object.


The Pointer to Fragment object.

inline void context(void *context)

Set the context.


context – The context.

inline void *context()

Get the context.


The context.

Protected Attributes

Fragment *fragment_ = nullptr

The fragment of the executor.

void *context_ = nullptr

The context.

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