NVIDIA Clara Imaging is a computational platform that makes it easy for developers to build, manage, and deploy intelligent medical imaging workflows and instruments.

Clara Parabricks is a complete software solution for next generation sequencing, including short- and long-read applications, supporting workflows that start with basecalling and extend through tertiary analysis.

NVIDIA Clara Parabricks

NVIDIA’s Clara Parabricks brings next generation sequencing to GPUs, accelerating an array of gold-standard tooling such as BWA-MEM, GATK4, Google’s DeepVariant, and many more. Users can achieve a 30-60x acceleration and 99.99% accuracy for variant calling when comparing against CPU-only BWA-GATK4 pipelines, meaning a single server can process up to 60 whole genomes per day. These tools can be easily integrated into current pipelines with drop-in replacement commands to quickly bring speed and data-center scale to a range of applications including germline, somatic and RNA workflows.

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