10.23. Clara FastIO Variable Passthrough - Fastio to Npz Converter Operator

This application is NOT for medical use.

10.23.1. Overview

This application reads FastIO variables from the appropriate FastIO inputs, and outputs one of them as a compressed Numpy file.

Specifically, the operator

  1. reads the fastio variables named segmentation and segmentation_shape,
  2. verifies that the shape of segmentation corresponds to the entries in segmentation_shape (ie. segmentation.shape == segmentation_shape),
  3. and outputs the array in segmentation as a numpy array.

10.23.2. Inputs

Two FastIO variables named:

  • segmentation holding a one-channel 3D volume
  • segmentation_shape holding a 1D 4-entry array corresponding to the shape of segmentation

10.23.3. Outputs

Compressed Numpy file (.npz) in the /output folder.

10.23.4. Directory Structure

The directories in the container are shown below.

 ├── Dockerfile
 ├── main.py
 └── requirements.txt

10.23.5. License

The license to this container is available and can be pulled as part of the procedure described above or obtained from the Clara Deploy SDK. By pulling and using the container, you accept the terms and conditions of these licenses.

10.23.6. Suggested Reading

Release Notes, the Getting Started Guide, and the SDK itself are available at the NVIDIA Developer forum.

For answers to any questions you may have about this release, visit the NVIDIA Devtalk forum.