1.3.2. Manual Invocation


Describes APIs used to manually enforce the desired configuration on a group of GPUs.


dcgmReturn_t dcgmConfigEnforce ( dcgmHandle_t pDcgmHandle, dcgmGpuGrp_t groupId, dcgmStatus_t statusHandle )


dcgmReturn_t dcgmConfigEnforce ( dcgmHandle_t pDcgmHandle, dcgmGpuGrp_t groupId, dcgmStatus_t statusHandle )
IN: DCGM Handle
IN: Group ID representing collection of one or more GPUs. Look at dcgmGroupCreate for details on creating the group. Alternatively, pass in the group id as DCGM_GROUP_ALL_GPUS to perform operation on all the GPUs.
IN/OUT: Resulting error status for multiple operations. Pass it as NULL if the detailed error information is not needed. Look at dcgmStatusCreate for details on creating status handle.


Used to enforce previously set configuration for all the GPUs present in the group.

This API provides a mechanism to the users to manually enforce the configuration at any point of time. The configuration can only be enforced if it's already configured using the API dcgmConfigSet.

If any of the properties can't be enforced for any of the GPUs in the group then the API returns an error. The status handle statusHandle should be further evaluated to access error attributes for the failed operations. Please refer to status management APIs at Status handling to access the error attributes.