2.1. dcgm_field_meta_t Struct Reference

Structure to store meta data for the field

Public Variables

dcgm_field_entity_group_t entityLevel
unsigned short  fieldId
char  fieldType
int  nvmlFieldId
int  scope
unsigned char  size
char  tag[48]
struct dcgm_field_output_format_p valueFormat


dcgm_field_entity_group_tdcgm_field_meta_t::entityLevel [inherited]

Field entity level. DCGM_FE_? specifying at what level the field is queryable

unsigned short dcgm_field_meta_t::fieldId [inherited]

Field identifier. DCGM_FI_? define

char dcgm_field_meta_t::fieldType [inherited]

Field type. DCGM_FT_? define

int dcgm_field_meta_t::nvmlFieldId [inherited]

Optional NVML field this DCGM field maps to. 0 = no mapping. Otherwise, this should be a NVML_FI_? define from nvml.h

int dcgm_field_meta_t::scope [inherited]

Field scope. DCGM_FS_? define of this field's association

unsigned char dcgm_field_meta_t::size [inherited]

field size in bytes (raw value size). 0=variable (like DCGM_FT_STRING)

char dcgm_field_meta_t::tag[48] [inherited]

Tag for this field for serialization like 'device_temperature'

struct dcgm_field_output_format_pdcgm_field_meta_t::valueFormat [inherited]

pointer to the structure that holds the formatting the values for fields