2.72. dcgmStartEmbeddedV2Params_v1 Struct Reference

[Structure definitions]

Options for dcgmStartEmbedded_v2

Added in DCGM 2.0.0

Public Variables

unsigned int  blackListCount
dcgmHandle_t dcgmHandle
const char * logFile
dcgmOperationMode_t opMode
DcgmLoggingSeverity_t severity
unsigned int  unused
unsigned int  version


unsigned int dcgmStartEmbeddedV2Params_v1::blackListCount [inherited]

IN: Number of modules that to be blacklisted in blackList[]

dcgmHandle_tdcgmStartEmbeddedV2Params_v1::dcgmHandle [inherited]

OUT: DCGM Handle to use for API calls

const char * dcgmStartEmbeddedV2Params_v1::logFile [inherited]

IN: File that DCGM should log to. NULL = do not log. '-' = stdout

dcgmOperationMode_tdcgmStartEmbeddedV2Params_v1::opMode [inherited]

IN: Collect data automatically or manually when asked by the user.

DcgmLoggingSeverity_tdcgmStartEmbeddedV2Params_v1::severity [inherited]

IN: Severity at which DCGM should log to logFile

unsigned int dcgmStartEmbeddedV2Params_v1::unused [inherited]

IN: Unused. Set to 0. Aligns structure to 8-bytes

unsigned int dcgmStartEmbeddedV2Params_v1::version [inherited]

Version number. Use dcgmStartEmbeddedV2Params_version1