2.36. dcgmHealthSetParams_v2 Struct Reference

[Structure definitions]

Structure used to set health watches via the dcgmHealthSet_v2 API

Public Variables

dcgmGpuGrp_t groupId
double  maxKeepAge
dcgmHealthSystems_t systems
long long  updateInterval
unsigned int  version


dcgmGpuGrp_tdcgmHealthSetParams_v2::groupId [inherited]

Group ID representing collection of one or more entities. Look at dcgmGroupCreate for details on creating the group. Alternatively, pass in the group id as DCGM_GROUP_ALL_GPUS to perform operation on all the GPUs or DCGM_GROUP_ALL_NVSWITCHES to perform operation on all the NvSwitches.

double dcgmHealthSetParams_v2::maxKeepAge [inherited]

How long to keep data cached for this field in seconds. This should be at least your maximum time between calling dcgmHealthCheck

dcgmHealthSystems_tdcgmHealthSetParams_v2::systems [inherited]

An enum representing systems that should be enabled for health checks logically OR'd together. Refer to dcgmHealthSystems_t for details.

long long dcgmHealthSetParams_v2::updateInterval [inherited]

How often to query the underlying health information from the NVIDIA driver in usec. This should be the same as how often you call dcgmHealthCheck

unsigned int dcgmHealthSetParams_v2::version [inherited]

Version of this struct. Should be dcgmHealthSet_version2