2.76. dcgmVersionInfo_v2 Struct Reference

[Structure definitions]

Structure to describe the DCGM build environment ver 2.0

Public Variables

char  rawBuildInfoString[DCGM_MAX_STR_LENGTH *2]


char dcgmVersionInfo_v2::rawBuildInfoString[DCGM_MAX_STR_LENGTH *2] [inherited]

Raw form of the DCGM build info. There may be multiple kv-pairs separated by semicolon (;). Every pair is separated by a colon char (:). Only the very first colon is considered as a separation. Values can contain colon chars. Values and Keys cannot contain semicolon chars. Usually defined keys are:

version : DCGM Version. arch : Target DCGM Architecture. buildid : Build ID. Usually a sequential number. commit : Commit ID (Usually a git commit hash). author : Author of the commit above. branch : Branch (Usually a git branch that was used for the build). buildtype : Build Type. builddate : Date of the build. buildplatform : Platform where the build was made. Any or all keys may be absent. This values are for reference only are not supposed to participate in some complicated logic.