Connecting to the DGX A100

This section provides information about how to connect to the DGX A100 system.

Connecting to the Console

Connect to the DGX A100 console using either a direct connection or a remote connection through the BMC.


Connect directly to the DGX A100 console if the DGX A100 system is connected to a 172.17.xx.xx subnet.

DGX OS Server software installs Docker Engine which uses the 172.17.xx.xx subnet by default for Docker containers. If the DGX A100 system is on the same subnet, you will not be able to establish a network connection to the DGX A100 system.

Refer to Configuring Docker IP Addresses for instructions on how to change the default Docker network settings.

Direct Connection

At the front or the back of the DGX A100 system, you can connect a display to the VGA connector and a keyboard to any of the USB ports.

The system provides video to one of the two VGA ports at a time. Simultaneous video output is not supported. If you connect two both VGA ports, the VGA port on the rear has precedence.


The display resolution must be 1440x900 or lower.

_images/dgxa100-server-front.png _images/dgxa100-server-rear.png

Remote Connection through the BMC

Here is some information about how you can remotely connect to DGX A100 through the BMC.


BMC Security

NVIDIA recommends that customers follow best security practices for BMC management (IPMI port). These include, but are not limited to, such measures as:

  • Restricting the DGX A100 IPMI port to an isolated, dedicated management network.

  • Using a separate, firewalled subnet.

Configuring a separate VLAN for BMC traffic if a dedicated network is not available.

See Configuring Static IP Address for the BMC if you need to configure a static IP address for the BMC.

This method requires that you have the BMC login credentials. These credentials depend on the following conditions:

Before the First Boot Setup

  • The default credentials are:

    • Username: admin

    • Password: dgxluna.admin


When you create a BMC admin user, we strongly recommend that you change the default password for this user. Do not use the default password.

After the First Boot Setup

During the first-boot procedure, you were prompted to configure an administrator username and password and a password for the BMC. The BMC username is the same as the administrator username:

  • Username: <administrator-username>

  • Password: <bmc-password>

  1. Make sure you have connected the BMC port on the DGX A100 system to your LAN.

  2. Open a browser within your LAN and go to https://<bmc-ip-address>/.

    Make sure popups are allowed for the BMC address.

  3. Log in.

  4. From the left-side navigation menu, click Remote Control.

    The Remote Control page allows you to open a virtual Keyboard/Video/Mouse (KVM) on the DGX A100 system, as if you were using a physical monitor and keyboard connected to the front of the system.

  5. Click Launch KVM.

    The DGX A100 console appears in your browser.


SSH Connection to the OS

Here is some information about how you can connect to the OS by using SSH.

After the system has been configured, you can also establish an SSH connection to the DGX A100 OS through the network port. Refer to Network Ports to identify the port to use and Configuring Static IP Addresses for the Network Ports to configure a static IP address.