Redfish APIs Support

The DGX System firmware supports the ability to manage the system by using an industry standard Redfish interface. This chapter provides details about the Redfish protocol support that is available in the DGX A100 system and how to complete system management functions by using the supported Redfish APIs.

Redfish is a web-based management protocol, and the Redfish server is integrated into the DGX A100 BMC firmware. By default, Redfish support is enabled in the DGX A100 BMC and the BIOS. By using the Redfish interface, administrator-privileged users can browse physical resources at the chassis and system level through a web-based user interface.

Redfish provides information that is categorized under a specific resource end point and Redfish clients can use the end points by using following HTTP methods:

  • GET

  • POST


  • PUT


Not all endpoints support all these operations. Refer to the Redfish JSON Schema for more information about the operations. The Redfish server follows the DSP0266 1.7.0 Specification and Redfish Schema 2019.1 documentation. Redfish URIs are accessed by using basic authentication and implementation, so that IPMI users with required privilege can access the Redfish URIs.

Supported Redfish Features

Here is some information about the Redfish features that are supported in DGX A100.

The following features are supported:

  • Manage user accounts, privileges, and roles

  • Manager Sessions

  • BMC configuration

  • BIOS configuration

  • BIOS boot order management

  • Get PCIe device and functions inventory

  • Get storage Inventory

  • Get system component information and health (PSU, FAN, CPU, DIMM, and so on)

  • Get sensor information (Thermal/Power/Cooling)

  • BMC configuration change/BMC reset

  • System/Chassis power operations

  • Get health event log/advanced system event log

  • Logging Service, which provides critical/informational severity events

  • Event Services (SSE)

Refer to the following documentation for more information:

For a list of the known issues and limitations with Redfish support that are specific to the firmware version you are running, refer to the DGX A100 System Firmware Update Container Release Notes.