NVIDIA DGX H100 System Firmware Changes

DGX H100 System BMC Changes

Changes in 24.01.05

  • Fixed where SEL logs might fill up for NVMe drives

  • Fixed low occurrence where HMC might not be visible in the BMC after BMC reboot

  • Ability to control IPMI visibility for Host (Allow All, Limited Command, Hide)

  • Higher resolution for CPU and GPU energy telemetry via Redfish

  • Improved reliability of Redfish inventory

  • Improved overall stability of telemetry collection and handling invalid/missing values

  • General improvements to WebUI

Changes in 23.09.20

  • WebUI enhancements

  • Enabled GPU Info in WebUI

  • Enabled NVRAM clear via Redfish

  • Disabled RMCP / MD5 Auth Support after factory reset

  • Enabled EROT background copy

  • Enabled default SNMPv3 MIB

  • The BMC update includes software security enhancements. Refer to the NVIDIA DGX H100 - August 2023 Security Bulletin for details.

DGX H100 System SBIOS Changes

Changes in v1.01.03

  • Added support for securing KCS

Changes in v1.01.01

  • Fixed Boot options labeling for NIC ports

  • Fix for U.2 bay slot numbering

  • Set RestoreROWritePerf option to expert mode only

  • Expose TDX and IFS options in expert user mode only

nvfwupd Command Changes

Changes in v1.1.3

  • Support for abbreviated firmware update package names.

  • Enhanced the show_update_progress output to provide a full status report for Redfish.

  • Support for custom log file path.

  • The command exits with an error code 1 for any update failure or tool failure.

Changes in v1.1.1

  • You can update all the system components on the motherboard tray at one time. Previously, you had to update the components individually.

  • You can create a JSON file with network addresses and credentials for multiple systems and automatically update multiple systems serially. Refer to Updating Multiple Systems for more information.