Troubleshooting an Unsuccessful Firmware Update

No Devices Where Detected for Handle ID 0

When performing a firmware update with the Redfish API, the following output message indicates that the firmware file specified in the -F UpdateFile= argument is not the correct file for the component specified in the JSON file.

  "@odata.type": "#Message.v1_0_8.Message",
  "Message": "Given PLDMBundle Status Message : No devices where detected for handle id 0.",
  "MessageArgs": [
    "No devices where detected for handle id 0"
  "MessageId": "UpdateService.1.0.FwUpdateStatusMessage",
  "Resolution": "None",
  "Severity": "Warning"

Retry the update and specify the firmware file that matches the component. Refer to Version 1.1.3 for the firmware file names and components. Refer to Redfish APIs Support in the NVIDIA DGX H100 System User Guide for information about using the Redfish API.

Wait for Firmware Update Started ID

The output for an unsuccessful firmware update using the nvfwupd command can look like the following example:

FW recipe: ['nvfw_DGXH100_xxxx_xxxxxx.x.x.fwpkg']
{"@odata.type": "#UpdateService.v1_6_0.UpdateService", "Messages": [{"@odata.type": "#Message.v1_0_8.Message", "Message": "A new task /redfish/v1/TaskService/Tasks/4 was created.", "MessageArgs": ["/redfish/v1/TaskService/Tasks/4"], "MessageId": "Task.1.0.New", "Resolution": "None", "Severity": "OK"}, {"@odata.type": "#Message.v1_0_8.Message", "Message": "The action UpdateService.MultipartPush was submitted to do firmware update.", "MessageArgs": ["UpdateService.MultipartPush"], "MessageId": "UpdateService.1.0.StartFirmwareUpdate", "Resolution": "None", "Severity": "OK"}]}
FW update started, Task Id: 4

Wait for FirmwareUpdateStarted Id in Messages
Wait for FirmwareUpdateStarted Id in Messages
 Task Message: Task /redfish/v1/UpdateService/upload has stopped due to an exception condition.
Firmware update failed, retry the firmware update

Retry the firmware update, as indicated in the command output.