Updating the Midplane CPLDs on the Motherboard Tray

  1. Create a updparameters.json file with the following contents:

        "Targets" :["/redfish/v1/UpdateService/FirmwareInventory/CPLDMID_0"]
  2. Update the firmware:

    nvfwupd -t ip=<bmc-ip-address> user=admin password=admin update_fw \
      -p nvfw_DGX-H100_0003_230309.1.0_prod-signed.fwpkg -y -s updparameters.json

    Example Output

    FW recipe: ['nvfw_DGX-H100_0002_230309.1.0_custom_dbg-signed.fwpkg']
    {"@odata.type": "#UpdateService.v1_6_0.UpdateService", "Messages": [{"@odata.type": "#Message.v1_0_8.Message", "Message": "A new task /redfish/v1/TaskService/Tasks/5 was created.", "MessageArgs": ["/redfish/v1/TaskService/Tasks/5"], "MessageId": "Task.1.0.New", "Resolution": "None", "Severity": "OK"}, {"@odata.type": "#Message.v1_0_8.Message", "Message": "The action UpdateService.MultipartPush was submitted to do firmware update.", "MessageArgs": ["UpdateService.MultipartPush"], "MessageId": "UpdateService.1.0.StartFirmwareUpdate", "Resolution": "None", "Severity": "OK"}]}
     FW update started, Task Id: 5
    Wait for Firmware Update to Start...
    Wait for Firmware Update to Start...
      TaskState: Completed
     PercentComplete: 100
     TaskStatus: OK
    Firmware update successful!
     Overall Time Taken: 0:00:09
    Refer to 'DGX H100 Firmware Update Document' on activation steps for new firmware to take effect.