Firmware Update Sequence

  1. Update the BMC. Refer to Updating the BMC for more information.

  2. Update the system components. The sequence of updates does not matter. Refer to the following procedures for more information.

  3. Update the components in the GPU tray. Refer to Firmware Update of GPU Tray: All Components for more information.

  4. Power the system off and then power it on.


    Refer to the firmware release notes for release-specific instructions.

    The release notes typically specify one of the following methods:

    • A warm restart by running an operating system command to reboot the system.

    • A cold restart by running an operating system command to power off the system and then power on by using the BMC or pressing the power button on the chassis.

    • A cold restart that also requires removing power such as unplugging the power cables or power cycling the power distribution unit sockets. This is also a cold restart, but sometimes necessary to update power-sensitive components.

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