Viewing the Installed Firmware and Package Versions

Perform the following steps to view the firmware versions that are installed on the system and the versions in the firmware update packages.

  • Compare the installed firmware versions with the versions available in the packages:


    nvfwupd --target ip=<bmc-ip-address> user=admin password=admin show_version \ -p /home/packages/nvfw_DGX-H100_0005_230420.1.0_nightly.fwpkg \ /home/packages/nvfw_DGX-HGX-H100x8_0000_230310.1.0_nightly.fwpkg

    Replace the firmware package file names with the file names that you downloaded.


    If you run the nvfwupd show_version command without any arguments, the command displays the currently installed firmware versions.

    Example Output


    System Model: DGXH100 Part number: xxx-xxxxx-xxxx-xxx Serial number: xxxxxxxxxxxxx BMC IP: Firmware Devices: AP Name Sys Version Pkg Version Up-To-Date ------- ----------- ----------- ---------- CPLDMB_0 Yes CPLDMID_0 Yes EROT_BIOS_0 00.04.0011.0000_n00 00.04.0018.0000_n00 No EROT_BMC_0 00.04.0011.0000_n00 00.04.0018.0000_n00 No HGX_FW_BMC_0 HGX-22.10-1-rc31 HGX-23.03-09-rc01 No HGX_FW_ERoT_BMC_0 00.02.0120.0000_n00 00.02.0114.0001_n00 Yes HGX_FW_ERoT_FPGA_0 00.02.0120.0000_n00 00.02.0114.0001_n00 Yes HGX_FW_ERoT_GPU_SXM_1 00.02.0120.0000_n00 00.02.0114.0001_n00 Yes HGX_FW_ERoT_GPU_SXM_2 00.02.0120.0000_n00 00.02.0114.0001_n00 Yes HGX_FW_ERoT_GPU_SXM_3 00.02.0120.0000_n00 00.02.0114.0001_n00 Yes HGX_FW_ERoT_GPU_SXM_4 00.02.0120.0000_n00 00.02.0114.0001_n00 Yes HGX_FW_ERoT_GPU_SXM_5 00.02.0120.0000_n00 00.02.0114.0001_n00 Yes HGX_FW_ERoT_GPU_SXM_6 00.02.0120.0000_n00 00.02.0114.0001_n00 Yes HGX_FW_ERoT_GPU_SXM_7 00.02.0120.0000_n00 00.02.0114.0001_n00 Yes HGX_FW_ERoT_GPU_SXM_8 00.02.0120.0000_n00 00.02.0114.0001_n00 Yes HGX_FW_ERoT_NVSwitch_0 00.02.0120.0000_n00 00.02.0114.0001_n00 Yes HGX_FW_ERoT_NVSwitch_1 00.02.0120.0000_n00 00.02.0114.0001_n00 Yes HGX_FW_ERoT_NVSwitch_2 00.02.0120.0000_n00 00.02.0114.0001_n00 Yes HGX_FW_ERoT_NVSwitch_3 00.02.0120.0000_n00 00.02.0114.0001_n00 Yes HGX_FW_ERoT_PCIeSwitch_0 00.02.0120.0000_n00 00.02.0114.0001_n00 Yes HGX_FW_FPGA_0 2.0D 2.09 Yes HGX_FW_GPU_SXM_1 96.00.5E.00.00 Yes HGX_FW_GPU_SXM_2 96.00.5E.00.00 Yes HGX_FW_GPU_SXM_3 96.00.5E.00.00 Yes HGX_FW_GPU_SXM_4 96.00.5E.00.00 Yes HGX_FW_GPU_SXM_5 96.00.5E.00.00 Yes HGX_FW_GPU_SXM_6 96.00.5E.00.00 Yes HGX_FW_GPU_SXM_7 96.00.5E.00.00 Yes HGX_FW_GPU_SXM_8 96.00.5E.00.00 Yes HGX_FW_NVSwitch_0 96.10.2E.00.00 Yes HGX_FW_NVSwitch_1 96.10.2E.00.00 Yes HGX_FW_NVSwitch_2 96.10.2E.00.00 Yes HGX_FW_NVSwitch_3 96.10.2E.00.00 Yes HGX_FW_PCIeRetimer_0 1.31.7 1.31.7 Yes HGX_FW_PCIeRetimer_1 1.31.7 1.31.7 Yes HGX_FW_PCIeRetimer_2 1.31.7 1.31.7 Yes HGX_FW_PCIeRetimer_3 1.31.7 1.31.7 Yes HGX_FW_PCIeRetimer_4 1.31.7 1.31.7 Yes HGX_FW_PCIeRetimer_5 1.31.7 1.31.7 Yes HGX_FW_PCIeRetimer_6 1.31.7 1.31.7 Yes HGX_FW_PCIeRetimer_7 1.31.7 1.31.7 Yes HGX_FW_PCIeSwitch_0 1.7.5F 1.7.5F Yes HGX_InfoROM_GPU_SXM_1 G520.0200.00.01 N/A No HGX_InfoROM_GPU_SXM_2 G520.0200.00.01 N/A No HGX_InfoROM_GPU_SXM_3 G520.0200.00.01 N/A No HGX_InfoROM_GPU_SXM_4 G520.0200.00.01 N/A No HGX_InfoROM_GPU_SXM_5 G520.0200.00.01 N/A No HGX_InfoROM_GPU_SXM_6 G520.0200.00.01 N/A No HGX_InfoROM_GPU_SXM_7 G520.0200.00.01 N/A No HGX_InfoROM_GPU_SXM_8 G520.0200.00.01 N/A No HGX_InfoROM_NVSwitch_0 5612.0002.00.01 N/A No HGX_InfoROM_NVSwitch_1 5612.0002.00.01 N/A No HGX_InfoROM_NVSwitch_2 5612.0002.00.01 N/A No HGX_InfoROM_NVSwitch_3 5612.0002.00.01 N/A No HostBIOS_0 01.00.04 01.00.04 Yes HostBMC_0 23.04.18 44.04.19 No PCIeRetimer_0 1.30.12 1.30.0 Yes PCIeRetimer_1 1.30.12 1.30.0 Yes PCIeSwitch_0 0.0.6 00.06.78 No PCIeSwitch_1 1.0.6 01.06.78 No PSU_0 0202.0201.0202 0202.0201.0202 Yes PSU_1 0202.0201.0202 0202.0201.0202 Yes PSU_2 0202.0201.0202 0202.0201.0202 Yes PSU_3 0202.0201.0202 0202.0201.0202 Yes PSU_4 0202.0201.0202 0202.0201.0202 Yes PSU_5 0202.0201.0202 0202.0201.0202 Yes

    HGX Firmware from the GPU tray reports the HGX_InfoRom_GPU_SXM_n and HGX_InfoRom_NVSwitch_n in the firmware inventory Redfish output. As a result, it is included in the preceding output as N/A. In the Up-To-Date column, these entries show No because you cannot update them OOB from the GPU or NVSwitch firmware images respectively.

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