7 - NVIDIA Support Contract Renewal

Upon purchasing NVIDIA solutions, the customer may choose the service and support contract they find suitable for their needs, or in some cases, designated services are mandatory for a period of time. Each contract has an expiration date as indicated in the entitlement or the contract terms and conditions.

Renewing the support contract ensures the protection of the customer's investment and continued access to software releases and technical support. The customer may consider upgrading their contract to get the most from NVIDIA services and support.

The customer must ensure that their contact details are correct for NVIDIA to notify the customer 90 days before the contract expiration date.

To renew an Enterprise Support contract, follow either of these options:

  1. Email information to the support renewals contract team 
    1. Networking solutions Networking-contracts@nvidia.com 
    2. GPU, Software, and Compute solutions RenewalSales@nvidia.com 
  2. Contact an NVIDIA Reseller or use the Partner Locator to find an OEM Partner 
  • The customer must provide a purchase order (PO) to their NVIDIA Reseller or OEM Partner upon each renewal/upgrade contract request  
  • At the end of a contract, the customer can upgrade by contacting the NVIDIA Renewal team 

    • It is recommended to renew contracts at least three to four weeks before expiration to ensure continuous access to support and updates 
    • Renewal contracts are a minimum of one year  
  • If the contract expires without renewal, the customer may no longer have access to the Enterprise Support Portal, software downloads, security updates, and customer support 
  • Contracts renewed after expiration will be backdated to the expiration date of the last service period 
  • If the customer has multiple support contracts with different support expiration dates, the customer may renew the support contracts for all the products so that all the products will have the same support expiration date 

For any other queries related to a customer's existing contract, the customer can contact the NVIDIA Contracts department directly at

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