Certifying Your Application for Fleet Command

NVIDIA Fleet Command - (Latest Version)

Developers can submit their applications for Fleet Command Certification. Certified ISVs:

  • They are listed on the public NGC Catalog and the NVIDIA website.

  • Benefit from co-marketing and partnership opportunities.

  • Enhanced developer access.

  • Can promote Fleet Command as a recommended platform or integrated solution.

To be certified, applications must:

  • Be deployable on Fleet Command by the NVIDIA Certification Team.

  • Meet NGC Catalog publishing requirements.

  • Have a clear support channel for application usage on Fleet Command.

    • Enterprise-level support is highly recommended, but open-source or forum-based support is acceptable, as long as the extent of the support, the support channel, and the SLA they should expect are all clearly articulated.

  • Recertify with each ISV application for Fleet Command major version update.

    • Minor versions are optional but recommended.

  • Support one or more NVIDIA-Certified Systems and include guidelines for scalability based on the application inputs and the workload driven from your application. For the base requirements suggested to OEMs, refer to NGC Ready Recommended Configuration.

  • When possible, make available NFR licenses for shared customer engagements and ongoing Fleet Command testing and QA.

For more details on the certification process, contact Jared Conway, jaredc@nvidia.com.

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