Quick Start Guide

The following sections provide instructions for quickly setting up and using Fleet Command.


This quick start guide assumes that an NGC account has already been provisioned, and admin access for the organization has been granted.

To access Fleet Command, go to NGC account and log into your account. After you log in, choose the organization with access to Fleet Command from the top-right menu if you belong to multiple organizations. Then select Fleet Command on the left navigation menu.

An edge site consists of a location and one or more systems.

  1. First, create a location. Select Fleet Command > Locations and then click Add Location on the top right menu.

  2. Next, add a system to the location. In the location created in the previous step, click Add System. Follow the instructions to add a system to the location.

  3. After adding a system to the location, you will receive an activation code. In later steps, you will need this code to pair this system with the physical system. Note the code is only valid for 12 hours.


  1. Download the Fleet Command Discovery system image from the Fleet Command Settings page to your local PC and create a bootable USB flash drive.

  2. Once the system is installed and connected to the internet, you will need to configure the system BIOS for Secure Boot, enable Trusted Platform Module (TPM), and set a one-time boot from USB. You can then insert the USB flash drive into your system and reboot the system to start the installation process.

  3. Follow prompts to complete the installation, including entering the activation code generated for the system from the previous section.

  1. Navigate to the Fleet Command Applications page from the left navigation menu. On the Applications page, click Add Application.

  2. Add the application to Fleet Command.

    • Understand the Helm chart information based on a sample helm fetch command:


    • Use the Helm chart information to add the application:


  3. Next, go to the Deployments page and click Create Deployment.

  4. Select the locations to deploy the application you just added. If applicable, enter application configuration, and then click deploy to start the application deployment.

Fleet Command simplifies Day 2 operations from a single pane of glass. You can update system software, access logs, and remotely reboot and access systems with a remote console session.

Location menu


System menu


For more information about Fleet Command, refer to the following documentation:



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