Fleet Command CLI

Fleet Command offers a powerful command-line interface (CLI) that wraps the API in a familiar and user-friendly way that allows users and administrators to build against the Fleet Command.

When a user needs to automate tasks and has a workflow that they have to do repeatedly, they will want to write a script. Also, some tasks just make more sense to do via programming. For example, if you’re creating/editing a deployment where you need to add/remove hundreds or thousands of locations, clicking checkboxes with the mouse becomes unmanageable. Furthermore, some workflows include many steps which can be wrapped into single scripts or functions within scripts. Future workflows that we haven’t thought of can also be created by end-users using the CLI.

Many power users will expect the ability to work from the command line instead of navigating a UI. This allows you to do things in an administrative workflow that would be difficult with the UI. For example, assume something comes up, and you need to edit all of your existing locations with a change. This is trivial when calling the CLI from a script but would be more tedious to do in the UI.

To install the Fleet Command CLI,

  1. Log into Fleet Command (https://fc.ngc.nvidia.com).

  2. In the top right corner, click the user account icon and select Setup.

  3. In the CLI pane, select Downloads.

  4. In the CLI Install page, choose the appropriate Windows, Linux, or macOS platform where you will be running Fleet Command CLI.

  5. Follow the instructions to install the CLI.

  6. Verify the installation by entering ngc --version. The output should be “NGC CLI x.y.z” where x.y.z indicates the version.

The NGC Fleet Command CLI provides commands for the following areas:

Command Group



Fleet Command API Key Commands


Fleet Command Application Configuration Commands


Fleet Command Application Commands


Fleet Command Component Commands


Fleet Command Deployment Commands


Fleet Command Location Commands


Fleet Command Log Commands


Fleet Command Metrics Commands


Fleet Command Settings Commands


Fleet Command GPU Usage Commands

For the latest CLI commands and options, refer to Fleet Command CLI.

For a list of sample workflows, refer to Fleet Command Example Workflows.

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