NVIDIA Fleet Command - (Latest Version)

NVIDIA Fleet Command™ is a managed cloud service for AI applications. With Fleet Command, you can securely deploy, manage, and scale applications across distributed edge systems. Fleet Command allows access to the NGC Catalog for a wide array of AI software and the Private Registry for third-party applications or those you’ve deployed yourself. The Fleet Command interface enables you to quickly set up virtual locations and systems to map to your physical devices at edge locations. Once you deploy your applications, Fleet Command simplifies the AI lifecycle management with over-the-air application updates, AI health monitoring, and remote tools to access, maintain, and optimize your deployments.


The primary Fleet Command concepts are:

  • Location: A location represents a real-world edge location where your physical systems are installed.

  • System: A system represents the physical edge systems within a location.

  • Application: An application compatible with Fleet Command designed to run on an edge location.

  • Deployment: A deployment consists of an application running on an edge location.

For an overview of using Fleet Command to deploy AI across the edge infrastructure, watch the following Fleet Command demo.

To quickly get started with Fleet Command, consult the Quick Start Guide.

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