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NVIDIA Fleet Command - (Latest Version)

This section provides NVIDIA Enterprise Customer guidance through the NVIDIA Enterprise Support Portal activation.

After purchasing a support entitlement with NVIDIA, you will receive an NVIDIA Entitlement Certificate email. The email will include an attachment with detailed information regarding the order and instructions on registering for technical support.

Example of Entitlement Certificate Email


Example of Entitlement Certificate of Support Services Information


Instructions on How to Register for Support


  • If you already have Account: Login

  • For new users, click on the NVIDIA Enterprise Support Registration Form link. This link will have embedded information regarding your account, and so, it is very important not to share this entitlement link outside of your organization.

New Registration

You will need the link provided in their Entitlement Certificate email to start the registration process.


After you click on Register, the following message will appear if the registration was successful.


If you received an error after registration, the end-customer should open a case with NVIDIA Enterprise Support.

Setting Your Password

  1. After you click Register, you will receive an email to set your password. Your email address will be used as your username login.

  2. Click on Set Password.


  3. Enter a new password in the set new password page that meets the requirements listed on the page and click Submit.


  4. Click on login.


  5. Enter username (email address) and the password.


Resetting Your Password

  1. Click on Forgot password?.


  2. Enter username (email address).


  3. Confirmation that email will be sent to the username (email address) will be displayed.


  4. You will receive an email to reset the password. Click Reset Password.


  5. Enter a new password in the set new password page that meets the requirements listed on the page and click Submit.


  1. Click on add user from the main menu of the page on the Enterprise Support Portal.


  2. To add a user only to the NVIDIA Enterprise Support Portal access; choose the Enterprise Support Portal button.


  3. Enter the email address of the user you would like to add.


    • The contact will receive an email with instructions to register with the support portal.

  4. Confirmation that the email was sent will appear next.


  5. Click on Register to start the registration process.


  6. The registration link will have an embedded entitlement to associate the user to the account.


  7. After the user clicks on Register, they will receive an email to set their password for access.


NVIDIA Enterprise Support Contact Information:


An NVIDIA Support Contract is required to obtain support.

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