Managing your Fleet

Fleet Command allows you to update locations, applications, and deployments using the web UI.

NVIDIA regularly releases updates to the Fleet Command stack. If an update is available, a message will display in the Location showing an older version is running. Administrators should monitor and update Locations to the latest version when applicable to ensure that the latest features and security updates are implemented.

The Location software stack can be updated from Fleet Command using over-the-air (OTA). OTA updates apply to all systems under specific locations.


When a Location is updating, applications may stop running, and no new deployments to the Location will be possible.


Before updating your location, review the Kubernetes Deprecated API Migration Guide to ensure your application is up to date with the Kubernetes API.

  1. To update your Location, click on the ellipsis in the upper right of a Location and select Update Location. You can also click on the Update Location link in the locations detail pane.


  2. In the Update Location dialog, select the update version, check the box, and click Update.


You can make the following changes to an existing deployment:

  • Add or remove locations

  • Updating an application

  • Modify the application configuration if the application supports Helm configuration changes.

Once you have made the updates, you will need to redeploy for the changes to take effect. Note that the redeploy only affects the locations you modified. Unmodified locations, whether online or offline, will not be impacted.

Adding or Removing Locations

Follow these steps to add or remove a location.

  1. Under Fleet Command > Deployments, click on the “…” ellipsis menu and select Edit Deployment.

  2. On the Edit Deployment page, select or deselect the locations in the Locations table.

  3. Click Deploy to redeploy your changes.

Updating an Application

Once you’ve created a deployment, you can update the associated application or its configuration.


Beware that updating the application would result in a disruption to any processes or remote sessions in progress.

Follow these steps to update an application or the application configuration for a deployment.

  1. Under Fleet Command > Deployments, click on the “…” ellipsis menu and select Edit Deployment.


  2. On the Edit Deployment page, make the necessary updates:


    • Use the dropdown to select a different application if desired.


    Check that your application supports configuration changes beforehand.

    • Update the application configuration field.

  3. Click Deploy to save your changes and re-deploy.

  1. If you want to learn more about your deployments, click the drop-down arrow for individual deployment before removing them.


  2. To remove a deployment, use the ellipsis on the right side of the deployment and select Remove Deployment.


You can remove an application from the Applications page by following the steps below.

  1. To remove an application, click on the ellipsis in the bottom right of an application.


  2. Click the remove button to complete the task.



To prevent orphaned applications and deployments, Applications cannot be removed if used in a Deployment. The Deployment needs to be removed first.

  1. To remove a system, click on the system ellipsis and select Remove System.


  2. Click Remove to complete the system removal.


    If a remote console session is currently running on this system, you will see a confirmation dialog similar to the one below instead.



You cannot remove a System assigned as a controller-worker System if there are worker Systems present on the Location.

To remove a location, click on the ellipsis for a location.



To prevent orphaned Deployments and Systems and to ensure that applications are explicitly disabled, there are specific parameters around removing Locations:

  • Locations cannot be removed if there is an active deployment at the location (the deployment must be removed first).

  • Locations cannot be removed if there are systems assigned to the location (the systems must be removed first).

  • All workers must be removed before a controller-worker can be removed.

  • Systems can only be removed if they are not part of a deployment.

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