Class Holoviz

Clara Holoscan v0.4.0

Base Type

  • public nvidia::gxf::Codelet

class Holoviz : public nvidia::gxf::Codelet

Public Types

enum class InputType

Input type.

All geometric primitives expect a 1d array of coordinates. Coordinates range from 0.0 (left, top) to 1.0 (right, bottom).


enumerator UNKNOWN

unknown type, the operator tries to guess the type by inspecting the tensor

enumerator COLOR

RGB or RGBA color 2d image.

enumerator COLOR_LUT

single channel 2d image, color is looked up

enumerator POINTS

point primitives, one coordinate (x, y) per primitive

enumerator LINES

line primitives, two coordinates (x0, y0) and (x1, y1) per primitive

enumerator LINE_STRIP

line strip primitive, a line primitive i is defined by each coordinate (xi, yi) and the following (xi+1, yi+1)

enumerator TRIANGLES

triangle primitive, three coordinates (x0, y0), (x1, y1) and (x2, y2) per primitive

enumerator CROSSES

cross primitive, a cross is defined by the center coordinate and the size (xi, yi, si)

enumerator RECTANGLES

axis aligned rectangle primitive, each rectangle is defined by two coordinates (xi, yi) and (xi+1, yi+1)

enumerator OVALS

oval primitive, an oval primitive is defined by the center coordinate and the axis sizes (xi, yi, sxi, syi)

enumerator TEXT

text is defined by the top left coordinate and the size (x, y, s) per string, text strings are define by InputSpec::text_

Public Functions

gxf_result_t registerInterface(gxf::Registrar *registrar) override

gxf_result_t start() override

gxf_result_t tick() override

gxf_result_t stop() override

struct InputSpec

Input specification

Public Functions

InputSpec() = default

inline InputSpec(const std::string tensor_name, InputType type)

Public Members

std::string tensor_name_

name of the tensor containing the input data

InputType type_

input type

float opacity_ = 1.f

layer opacity, 1.0 is fully opaque, 0.0 is fully transparent

int32_t priority_ = 0

layer priority, determines the render order, layers with higher priority values are rendered on top of layers with lower priority values

std::vector<float> color_ = {1.f, 1.f, 1.f, 1.f}

color of rendered geometry

float line_width_ = 1.f

line width for geometry made of lines

float point_size_ = 1.f

point size for geometry made of points

std::vector<std::string> text_

array of text strings, used when type_ is text.

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