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Clara Holoscan v0.4.0

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# Operators ## Folder Structure It currently includes Operators (components) that are needed to create the endoscopy and ultrasound sample applications. - aja_source - custom_lstm_inference - format_converter - holoviz - segmentation_postprocessor - postprocessing used in the ultrasound sample application - stream_playback - This folder has both VideoStreamReplayerOp and VideoStreamRecorderOp - Good candidates to build a GXF extension that has multiple Operators - VideoStreamReplayerOp is using Holoscan API and VideoStreamRecorderOp is generated by a GXF extension - tensor_rt - This folder has GXF's built-in TensorRT Codelet(Operator). - tool_tracking_postprocessor - postprocessing used in the endoscopy sample application - visualizer_tool_tracking

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