Holoscan Sensor Bridge Device Setup

Sensor Bridge v1.0.0

Here are instructions to set up the Holoscan sensor bridge device and connect it to the IGX and Jetson AGX Orin devkits.


Holoscan sensor bridge has the following connectors:

  1. SFP+ ports - Two 10Gbps Ethernet ports which connect to the host system.

  2. Camera connector - This connector is used to interface with a camera (e.g. IMX274).

  3. Power port - the sensor bridge device is powered by using a USB-C power supply connected to this port.

Note that the sensor bridge device does not provide a USB host interface: the USB-C interface is used only for power. All host interaction is through the Ethernet ports.

Holoscan sensor bridge reference applications are currently using the IMX274 dual camera module:


The camera module is mounted on the sensor bridge device in the following manner:


  1. Make sure the Hololoink board is powered off.

  2. Mount the Camera module into the camera connector as shown in the above image.

  3. Connect the SFP+ port marked “SFP+ 0” in the image below to the host system. This is the appropriate connection for accessing the first camera in a stereo camera pair. This port provides access to the data from the camera indicated by “Camera 0”.


  1. For IGX Devkit, connect to the QSFP port marked with red arrow in the image below.


    For configurations using the second camera in the stereo camera pair, connect the SFP port labelled “SFP+ 1” to the unconnected QSFP port on the back of IGX.

  2. For AGX Orin Devkit, connect to the 10G Ethernet port (marked ‘H’ in the image below).


  3. Connect a USB-C cable to power connector of the sensor bridge device and wait for the green leds on the sensor bridge board to light up.

  4. Follow the instructions in the setup page to configure your host system.

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