Load the Scene

For this lab we have provided the final scene, complete with physics, for you to explore. In this scene you can simply press play to see the physics in action or dig into the scene by changing impulse values or interacting with live physics by grabbing items in the scene.

The video below gives a quick overview of how you can interact with this scene.

  1. If necessary, launch Omniverse Create and then Connect to Nucleus Server


    You must enable the “PhysX FlatCache” extension before loading the scene

  2. Go to Windows > Extensions


  3. Search for flat

  4. Enable the PhysX FlatCache extension


  5. Load the scene from your Nucleus server: /NVIDIA/Demos/WarehousePhysics/Worlds/World_Demopack.usd

  6. Choose Open Original file

  7. Wait for the scene to load (blue progress bar in the lower right corner)

  8. You can press SHIFT + H to activate “declutter” mode which hides icons and gizmos in the viewport

  9. Press spacebar or click the Play button to start and pause playback


  10. Use SHIFT + Left Click Drag to move objects while the scene is playing back. You can use this to pull shelves and boxes around during playback.

  11. You can press the Stop button to reset the scene


Please refer to the appendix of this lab to learn essential Omniverse application skills which you will be applying in the hands-on lab to enhance your content creation workflow. You can simply refer to these skills as needed during your hands-on lab or you may try these individual skills for yourself using the supplied scenes.

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