Next Steps

Congratulations! You have now completed the trial showcasing how Fleet Command simplifies deployment and management of AI at the edge.

Now, feel free to explore the additional features and capabilities, where Fleet Command also simplifies Day 2 operations from a single pane of glass. Update system software, access logs, remotely reboot systems, and even access systems remotely with a remote console session.

The NVIDIA Fleet Command User Guide covers Fleet Command capabilities in-depth, including managing your Locations, Systems, and Deployments.

The NVIDIA Fleet Command Developer Guide will guide you to building applications compatible with Fleet Command.

Do you have a team member who would also benefit from LaunchPad? They can fill out this form to get access.

At the end of your trial duration, NVIDIA will send you an email notifying you that the access to the Fleet Command NGC organization and your NVIDIA LaunchPad environment has been removed. This email will also contain information regarding potential next steps.

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