Step #6: Access the Application using Remote Application Access

Occasionally, administrators may need to be able to manually verify if an application is online and available. Fleet Command allows you to access web-based application services running on edge systems remotely from the Fleet Command console interface. Remote application access is available via a private link available to Fleet Command users with administrator and/or operator roles.

Remote Application Access provides the following

  • Temporary browser based access to web applications running on the remote system with a define time limit. This enables a user to validate application availability while making efficient use of system resources.

  • Centralized access to remote systems from the cloud based Fleet Command console, simplifying application and system management for distributed teams.

Remote Application Access is enabled for this lab and is accessible by viewing the Details page for each deployment.

Let’s check on the application you deployed in the previous steps.

  1. Navigate to Fleet Command > Deployments in the navigation menu to see the available deployements.

  2. On the Deployments page, choose a deployment and click on the arrow to view the list of locations.

  3. Click on “…” (ellipsis) menu and select View Details to open the details pane.


  4. The Details pane displays the location information and application services deployed at this location. The list displays all services for this application, but only web-based services with unique URLs are remotely accessible


  5. Let’s start Remote Application Access for a service, click on default/video-analytics-demo-webui/http link. This will create a temporary URL that will be available for the amount of time configured under settings in the navigation menu

  6. To view the application, click the Open link in the banner dialog on the Deployment. This will open the application in a new browser tab. Ensure pop-ups are allowed in the browser.


    You should see a video feed with a perspective similar to the scene below


  7. Finally, end the Remote Application Access by clicking the End link in the banner dialog on the Deployment.

In the next step, we will observe how our application is functioning by checking out the logs it generates.

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